How to become a skilled painter? Tips from the language of Alireza Molaei, a skilled and famous Iranian painter

Do not forget that if you want to succeed in any path, you have to endure initial setbacks and difficulties. From the moment you start painting with a pencil and paper, you may ruin the original design several times so that you can achieve your desired drawing. It may take months to reach this stage. As a result, you have to be patient and always think about your goal as a skilled painter so that the initial difficulties are not annoying. But we have some tips for you:

1- Get the tools you need.

If you do not have financial problems, try to get all the necessary tools for painting. In this case, you will have more motivation. When you spend money to have these tools, every time you see them, you feel obligated to become a skilled painter anyway to get a great result from these tools.

2. Focus on your work now.

After all, you have ideas in your mind that come from your moods and spirits. By painting, you are actually communicating with your mind. One way to relax is to drain your mind through art therapy. When you hold a pencil, the mental exudation begins. At this time, you have to focus on what comes to mind to be able to draw the mental image.

3- You must have a certain style.

Given that there are a variety of styles in painting, in order to become a skilled painter, you must first determine your style. Go to an expert to determine with a few drawing tests whether you are successful in the style you have chosen or that you are interested in it only because of the reputation and beauty of the design.

4. Give yourself a chance to make a mistake.A skilled painter will not be able to gain good experience and fix his flaws unless he makes a mistake and repeatedly spoils his design. So do not be afraid to make mistakes so that you can discover your ability and talent.

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