In ‘lonely’ music video, Why Jacob Tremblay Was ‘nervous’ to Play Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber went back in time to his “Never Say Never” time, where he was selling out field visits however felt “Forlorn” in the powerful music video for his new Benny Blanco collaboration.

In the clasp, 14-year-old Room star Jacob Tremblay shows up as a youthful Biebs, complete with side-cleared hair and notable purple hoodie, indicating a more weak side to overall notoriety.

In another meeting with The Loop, the entertainer uncovered how the vignette became.

“It definitely feels really weird to say it, because it just sounds like it shouldn’t be happening but, I am in a Justin Bieber music video, which is something I would have never seen coming,” he told the distribution.

He clarified that after the pop star’s group connected about the job, the two consented to talk on the telephone to respond to a portion of Tremblay’s inquiries.

“We kind of organized that we would call each other some time, but we didn’t really get an exact time, so he ended up calling me when I was in the grocery store I was like, to my parents, ‘I have to go outside because Justin Bieber’s calling me.’”

Tremblay proceeded to uncover that he was “nervous” about featuring in the video, since he “had actually never played a real person before.”

“I’ve always played made-up characters, so I just really wanted to make sure that I had the feelings of the song and how Justin wanted me to feel,” he proceeded.

“I really got to understand — it’s a bit more of a serious song but I’m really excited for people to hear it, so they can see the story. It’s really good.”

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