Information on obtaining a visa for coronary heart disease from Travok

If you want to know what a visa is like in the days of Corona and know how to get different types of visas, be sure to follow the article by Travok
To get a visa
Visa During the corona you should consult with a reputable airline or broker based on your circumstances. After that, after determining the destination country, you must apply for an appointment at the embassy and the documents required to obtain a visa. At the time of the embassy, you must also go to deliver the documents and fingerprints. In many countries, you will be issued a visa about 14 to 21 days after the fingerprinting, which you must do in person at the consulate or brokerage office of the destination country.
tourist visa
Visa in the days of Corona Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of the Corona virus, it is not possible to obtain a tourist visa at the moment.
Schengen visa
The conditions for granting or not granting a Schengen visa are checked based on the applicant’s documents. Schengen visa documents for applying for each type of tourist, study, work and investment visa are different. Note that a number of Schengen countries may require more documents from you. At the end of the text, a table has been prepared for you, which explains the language of translation of the required documents and stamps separately for each Schengen member state.

About Travok Company

Travok company has been established by MEHRDAD ETESSAM, the only official Persian translator, who officially approved by the documentation Bureau (Tapu), and has officially begun providing services to Iranian and Persian speakers.
Services such as the provision of residential services from beginning to end and get a residence card, estate affairs, consulting and investment, and the lunch of new businesses in the city of Alanya, Turkey.
Travok company started its activity in a magnificent event in Alanya city in March 2018 and among a friendly and intimate group of Iranians, some Alanya city officials and people introduced their valuable services. We are proud to announce from that date until now, about 2000 people of beloved Persian speakers, such as Iranian and other Persian speakers of other countries have taken residence, purchase, and rent of housing and other accommodation services in our collection. Today we share this success with you and appreciate your trust.
The opening ceremony of Travok company was very welcomed by the public and announced their lunch in city media and published in newspapers and magazines, which their most notably were ALANYA NEWS, ALANYA NEWS NEWSPAPER, ALANYA ALBUM MAGAZINE.

We received this warm welcome and feedback as a great happening and we are moving towards the globalization of Travok and we are honored to bring you along this path.

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