Introduction to the world of DJs from the language of Shoeib Mardani “Shebi”, a popular Iranian DJ

People turn to the world of DJs for a variety of reasons. Generally, these reasons can be love of music, money or fame. You may also belong to one, two or all three of these categories, but the most important of these groups is the love of music. DJ stands for Disk Jockey, which means the person in charge of the page, ie the person who is responsible for playing music. In this article, you will get acquainted with the world of DJs and you will be informed about the prerequisites and requirements for entering this world.

If you are a good (and lucky) DJ, you are likely to become famous and rich, but if you do not love music in the first place, you may simply get bored and careless. Even if you can make time, practice and become a good DJ, if you do not love music, listening and playing, it will still easily be boring, repetitive and annoying for you to perform every night and stay awake. DJing is not a normal job, it is getting paid for something you love. The process of becoming a DJ, from playing ordinary music at home to playing music for a crowd of 100 to entering crowded clubs, is an exciting, romantic and creative process that requires a lot of practice and perseverance.

Today, DJs, CD players and DJ mixers are selling more than pianos and guitars. There are thousands of DJs in the world to entertain people and play good music, you need a lot of knowledge to be superior to your colleagues. My servant and colleagues on this site can help you in this way.

Introduction to DJing

DJing in the first stage is only about music. When you are a DJ, you control all the people at night. Therefore, you need to be professional enough to be able to guess what song the audience wants to hear and how much they enjoy it.

What level of DJs you are at depends on the choice of music, instruments and broadcasting techniques you use. Training with a professional and using their experience, along with your own taste and talent, can turn you into a very good DJ.