Isaac Bradley gives us an insight into how tough the entertainment biz can be and how to not let it get into your headspace:

Isaac Bradley had attended college but he always knew he would do something related to art. As a creative person, he did not want his quirkiness to take a back seat while pursuing a 9-5 life which he would most probably not enjoy. Acting did not seem like a stable job but he took that leap of faith and that one move he made initially, to trust his gut, has been rewarding in so many ways. He studied acting for 3 consecutive years at Playhouse West Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.

He has been a part of many films and has also done TV. He has turned producer too. He is an Executive producer of one of his mentors, Don B. Welch’s film which is titled “BABYGIRL”. It is about child sex trafficking from the perspective of a young African American girl. Working on one of his mentor’s projects thrilled him to the core. The fact that Don has been guiding Isaac for so many years made this project so special for him. He previously has also got the opportunity of acting in many of his stage plays.

Don has also directed one of Isaac’s music videos “Ocean Blue”.

Isaac knows how to find joy in simple things in life as the entertainment biz can get lonely and harsh most of the time. The rejection is brutal and many people give in to the pressure of failure. He gets to do what he loves the most and that itself is satisfying for him. He does not let the result affect his mood and ruin his personal space. He further implies that most of the things in life are out of our control, especially the results. We should not worry about controlling other people and their choices. Being mindful has helped him keep his calm in many difficult situations and hence he makes sure he meditates and prays regularly.

Being able to spend time with yourself and be aware of your weakness and strengths also makes dealing with criticism much easier. According to Isaac Bradley, his biggest strength is to pick himself up off the ground, but his weakness has to be that he is in fact, far too critical of himself.

He loves music and dreams of purchasing a property near a lake where he has the luxury to make music all day. Make sure you follow him for updates regarding his new releases.


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