Jay Jay Joshua Has Found his Perfect Formula to Stay On Fire

JayJay Joshua is catching fire with one of his recent videos on Youtube, “Trophies”(produced by MB and featuring Kosso) , shot by Drazio. Jay Jay Joshua“My Trophies” video has over  200,000 views on YouTube. Jay Jay Joshua tries to keep low key riding around Toronto in foreign cars and beautiful women . Well-known Dutch-Albanian rapper  Kosso comes on after Jay Jay Joshua rapping his whole verse in dutch which something different to the game. Jay Jay Joshua’s going to leave his mark on hip hop[game making a lot more songs like this.

JayJay Joshua has been very busy and recently collaborated with Youtuber/rapper Jake Paul along with Drake’s Homie Baka Knows Best on “Let It Pop”. Jay Jay Joshua has caught the eye of Dj Khaled and he now follows him on Instagram . You should follow him too. As we wait for his upcoming song, yet to be released, with Tory Lanez. His EP “ From Amsterdam to Toronto will be dropping in the fall of 2019

By Joe Robinson

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