Jessica Simpson Reveals SheIs Lost 100 Pounds

Jessica Simpsons celebrated six months birthday of her daughter Birdie Mae in the middle of September. She also revealed that she has shed off 100 pounds since the birth of her daughter at 240 pounds back in March. There were news that she has been working hard to lose weight and here Jessica Simpson reveals shels lost 100 pounds

The 39 years old celebrity shared exciting news of her losing weight on social media the same day she celebrated 6 months of her daughter. She also said that it would be the first day she would be leaving her newly born daughter.

Jessica flaunted her physique in a long-sleeved black dress of midi length. She accentuated her postpartum trimmed waist with a black belt and completed the overall look with a pair of black boots. The former ambassador of WW rocked with large square-shaped glasses and styled her tresses out for the day in the town.

Glam of the actress appeared to be a matte complexion with blushed cheeks and nude color on her lips. Another shot which attracted the attention of everyone was the mom of the three kids smiling on the camera while holding her six months old daughter in her arms.

Jessica’s post came after the star celebrated six months’ birthday of her daughter in the middle of September. She captioned the shot with “6 months already”. The ravishing beauty has a couple of elder kids, i.e. daughter Maxwell Drew who is 7 years load and Ace Knute who is 6 years with her former star husband, Eric Johnson (an NFL star). Jessica tied the knot with Eric back in 2014. Earlier she was married to Nick Lachey of 98 digress from ayear 2002 to 2006. 

Before the birth of her youngest daughter, fans observed the singer being curvier than usual. Most of the times she was seen wearing sexy animal print dresses as well as bikinis. Now here after 6 months she has slimmed down again. She says that she is feeling better than ever.

A source shared the fact that Simpson urged her husband to join her in her journey of weight loss and trim down that dad bod. She added that: “Eric eats like a circus animal and while he’s in charge of the grocery shopping and a lot of the cooking in the house, he’s anything but healtconscious,” a source told Radar about Johnson’s eating habits. He “would keep indulging in junk food but Jessica is determined that they’ll both get into tip-top shape again.”

It is recalled that during the pregnancy the actress was known to have put on almost 100 pounds. Earlier it was considered to be rumor however she has now confirmed that it was true. Regardless of all the online hate related to her weight loss journey, Jessica has only shared her confident side with thesocial media. It cannot be denied that she never been one of those who hide her famous frame particularly now when she is feeling like a super-hot mama of three. 

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