Joe Brown— The man who believes that optimism is the key to success in life

Joe Brown, the founder of DearDoc, is helping doctors around the world by democratizing AI for them. It was his passion that led him to the massive success that he is so proud of today. But what’s bigger than his passion is his ability never to give up. He believes that he is an optimist. Having that attitude has helped enrich not just his own life but those of people around him too.

Joe says that he comes from a long line of thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. Spending time with his family has been a boon to his growth and inspired him to do something great without the fear of what the future holds. You don’t need to fill up your mind with an unrealistic degree of faith that everything has to be great and amazing.  Instead, thrive on healthy optimism where you continue to see the bright side of things instead of wallowing in negativity.

When talking about his business with fellow entrepreneurs, Joe is always straightforward in sharing what worked for him and what did not. He believes that the generation needs honesty and to understand that failures are inevitable. Sometimes, the best way to move on from failure is to try again simply. As a leader or founder, if you feel like your team has done something wrong in any capacity, it becomes essential for you to motivate them to make amends and keep trying.

Joe says that instead of thinking about all the things in our lives that aren’t perfect, we should use what is available to us for good and make a positive impact. He knew he was not good at school. However, he got acquainted with his caliber as a businessman at his first job and used that potential to turn around his life for himself.

Joe Brown has always thought of failures as stepping stones to success. His optimistic nature never allowed him to think otherwise. Failure truly hits you only when you give up on your dreams. Joe understands this aspect of life and wants others to stay optimistic and keep trying no matter what!

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