Keyvan Ansari, a singer from Persepolis

All Keyvan Ansari fans are aware of his intense interest in his favorite team, Persepolis. He holds the Iranian record with three live performances at the 100,000-seat Azadi Stadium for his favorite team, Persepolis.

(Introduction of Persepolis Football Club)

Persepolis Football Club is an Iranian football club that was founded in 1342 in Tehran. This club is one of the sub-clubs of Persepolis Cultural and Sports Club and is owned by the Ministry of Sports and Youth.

The club has hosted a variety of sporting events and is one of the most prestigious and prestigious football clubs in Asia.

(What did Keyvan Ansari do to prove his interest in Persepolis?)

After winning one of his games, he recently sang a song informing me of this red card and presented it to the players of the Persepolis football team and his fans, and congratulated the team on this victory.

And after playing this song, he mentioned Persepolis as the most beautiful love in the world, and this song was sung in memory of Mehrdad Minavand and Ali Ansarian, successful and famous Iranian football players who recently died.

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