La Creme Booked 23 Models for Flo Rida Music Video. Insights from agent Patricia Pinto & Monica Pinto of Hypmosis Visuals

Patricia Pinto, CEO of La Creme Modeling & Acting put 23 models in the music video “I Don’t Like It, I Love It” by artist Flo Rida. The song features singer Robin Thicke. The casting director for this music video was Monica Pinto of Hypmosis Visuals and Francesca Pinto.

The video, shot in Jersey City, New Jersey, was released in 2015 and has since received 92 million views on YouTube and 375 million plays on Spotify. The video features an outdoor party scene with an ice cream truck.

Patricia Pinto says that both artists were nice enough to let her and her talent take numerous pictures with them. Patricia and Monica also say that this music video shoot was a quick one to film because it was only one location, in contrast to most music videos which often feature more than one single place.

Lots of music videos happen in the up and coming city of Jersey City, NJ, it’s no wonder why Flo Rida and Robin Thicke chose to shoot there for this video. Jersey City looks just like New York City and doesn’t have the city traffic or high costs associated with NYC. Not to mention the fact that it is easier to get permits in New Jersey. This makes Jersey City the perfect spot for the recording and creation of music videos and movies of all kinds.

Patricia Pinto is an actress, former model, CEO of La Creme and Founder of La Creme Angels.

For more information visit La Creme’s website.

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