Learn How Bagzamilleon Is Feeling During Quarantine

The music industry had to pay a heavy price for the pandemic and the induced quarantine lifestyle. Studios were closed, concerts deferred, albums not recorded, and many artists unpaid. In such trying times, the essence of music remains undisturbed.

Notable singer Bagzamilleon says that music is the lifeline of all artists associated with the industry. The ones who are passionate about their profession, keep humming even while at home. Bagzamilleon had recorded several songs playing his instruments and shared them across to his thousands of fans. Most smartphones support virtual studio apps where we can record, edit, correct, and fine-tune these songs.

Sometimes musicians like Bagzamilleon go live on Facebook and Instagram to create a virtual concert. Thousands of fans across the globe tune in to that live concert and respond with heartiest messages. Even during quarantine, people remember their voices and show up with their loudest cheer whenever there is a live session. This is what gives musicians absolute joy and contentment. 

Bagzamilleon has also helped some other musicians in creating their brand during the quarantine period. People can create their YouTube channels and start posting creative content on their platform. They can produce albums, make their websites, remix videos and host online shows.

They get the time to focus on themselves, which is otherwise not feasible in their fast-paced lives. 

Today, Bagzamilleon says that he has enough time to create, reflect, and introspect things so that there is a brighter tomorrow


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