Learning the Hard Lessons in Business With Adamm Miguest

Every new business venture has its ups and downs. Being an entrepreneur means being a serial rollercoaster rider. A person who doesn’t appreciate it and is looking only for the highs while turning their head away from the lows will miss a whole half of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Learning matters, and failure is always an opportunity to learn.

Adamm Miguest managed to get a taste of both ends of the spectrum during his years in business. Today, he’s leading Rapid Launch Media, a promotion company, from one success to another. The lows he’s experienced, both in his current venture and in previous ones, proved to be invaluable for reaching the current highs, and the ones that are bound to happen.

People Have to Pay Attention

The best way to learn a hard lesson is from someone else’s example. When he was starting out, Adamm saw there were plenty of people who might have been able to do what he was thinking of doing, but no one was making the right move.

Because they didn’t realize they were in the position to profit from their connections, they left the road clear for Adamm to storm in and create a niche of his own. Whether they weren’t sufficiently forward-looking or lacked faith in the venture, they provided a valuable lesson of how not to waste a good opportunity.

Obstacles Are There to Be Traversed

There’s something to be said for knowing when to give up and cut losses. Some things simply aren’t worth the trouble of dealing with them, and that’s perfectly fine. However, if a person gives up whenever they come to an obstacle, they can never be an entrepreneur. More often than not, obstacles are there to be traversed.

When Rapid Launch Media first started, Adamm had issues reaching the higher-ups in the music industry. His business model depended on it, as it was his job to help musicians promote their music on TikTok. Without access to the execs, however, it seemed unlikely he would make it.

So Adamm started working with small, more approachable artists. That was enough for him to grow a reputation and prove to the big shots that what he brought to the table was real and in demand. Adamm didn’t fold and walk away. He found a way to earn what he wanted.

Nothing Happens Without Commitment

What does an entrepreneur do when they get an idea for a venture? If they believe in it, they test it out. Usually, this means putting some time, money, or whatever other resource they have at their disposal toward making the idea happen, even on a small scale. Sure, things can get complicated, and sometimes even testing ideas requires a large-scale operation, but if the belief is there, the resources should be there to see it through.

This was one of the lessons Adamm learned the hard way. One of the biggest mistakes he made as an entrepreneur was seeing a great idea of his explode in popularity for someone else because he was reluctant to put in the effort to make it happen. Having thoughts just isn’t enough, and neither is tinkering at them. Plowing ahead while navigating difficult roads is what entrepreneurship often feels like. The sooner entrepreneurs learn this lesson, the better.

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