Lee Kwang-soo to pull back from ‘Running Man’ following 11 years

Lee Kwang-soo, the center individual from the long-running mainstream TV show ” Running Man,” will move back from the program following 11 years, his administration office said Tuesday.

The 35-year-old actor entertainer performer will film his last scene for the show on May 24, KingKong by Starship said.

As indicated by the organization, Lee experiences been experiencing issues in assuming his part on the show in a decent condition because of a physical issue he experienced a mishap a year ago, however he has been getting recovery treatments.

Lee chose to set aside some effort to recuperate his body and psyche subsequent to examining the matter with the program’s different individuals and staff.

“It was not easy to decide to leave the show Lee was with for 11 years, but we agreed that physical time is needed to help him show better performance later,” the office clarified, adding that it is ” sincerely grateful for all the love and support Lee has received through ‘Running Man.'”

Lee is one of the first projects of the theatrical presentation from neighborhood telecaster SBS that began to air in July 2010. The show, revolving around a metropolitan activity assortment idea, has earned tremendous fame here and abroad and was sent out to a few outside nations, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. In accordance with the show’s popularity, Lee pulled in a huge fan base in adjoining nations with his silly and cordial picture, winning the nickname “prince of Asia.”

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