Lessons COVID-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us – Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is a 24-year-old leading digital marketing consultant and industrialist, from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He compelled prudent use of the internet to attain as much knowledge as he can and built his own guidance of success. At a young age, his splendor has corroborated the claim that he is notable in the digital niche. He owns a company that was launched in 2019. His company provides all sorts of services related to digital marketing.

Himanshu Patel says it began in China, and initially all we did was look at the news and feel bad of the people there. Little did we know that in a month it will hit us and change our lives in such drastic ways. Things have changed so much in the last two months. The way we interact with people, the way we work, the way we shop, travel or eat outside; it has all undergone major changes. And due to this, we have also realized the importance of a lot of things we maybe took for granted before. Believe me, what matters is the present, and there’s a reason why an old saying also simply echoes as ‘No time like the present’. I can’t agree more. I find the present times to be unique, something that truly is in our own hands

Currently, we might be overwhelmed by the fear of corona virus, but it’s still teaching us so much. Oceans and rivers have cleaned up. Residential areas are seeing the return of wildlife. The quality of air has improved drastically. The ozone layer has started repairing itself. If we really don’t see how important it is, and how we human beings can save the environment if we have to, then all of this was for nothing. We need to be cognizant of this important factor even when the lockdown opens up and we resume our lives.

Covid 19 has left us shell shocked , but it has triggered our senses about the realities of life. Coping up in this curfew is a challenge to all Mankind. All differences amongst us is wiped out, This situation is an eye opener for mankind. “Analyze the situation , Ascertain the facts Appreciate every moment .” Introspection is the need of the hour, mental fitness and physical fitness are the keys to survive this nightmare. Animals are loitering the streets , dolphins are enjoying the coast ,the ozone layer is revamping itself , due to the lock down . Maybe Mother Nature is teaching us a lesson. The global village has shrunk back to priorities family. Mankind kept complaining about the lack of time but these few weeks have been dragging like ages .

Work from Home can be an Option for Many Businesses

A lot of people realized during this lockout time that their work could be done from home. We should remember that most workers have a certain amount of work that can be managed comfortably from home without going to the workplace. We should find a way just to encourage the harmony between our job and family.

The Value of Interacting with Close Friends and Family

For many years and scientists have stated that we have a strong innate tendency to be with other people to share experiences, or rather our existence. All the research suggests that in the long term more connected people are happier and safer. During this lockdown, the best way to treat loneliness is to be in regular touch with friends, family, and relatives. Being alone can be frustrating, in particular for extroverts. Social distancing may be very complicated, in the true sense, but it can also tell one a lot about ourselves. This is the moment to chill and have long talks and healthy discussions.

Himanshu says our lives have undergone major changes. And due to this, we have also realized the importance of a lot of things we have been taken for granted before! So, let us not go back to the normal and together create a “new normal” once this is all over!*

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