Lootie – unboxed and discussed

Are you wondering about the trending Lootie mystery boxes? Confused about what exactly is? If yes, then continue reading as this post will tell you all about Lootie and how it works.

Lootie is an exciting online platform where you can buy exclusive products by opting for online mystery boxes. In simple words, Lootie is one such online platform that helps ordinary people get access to buy expensive products. The site inventories consist of multiple types of mystery boxes, which consist of exclusive products from various fashion brands and streetwear. It includes all major fashion brands such as Nike and Supreme, apparel from Gucci to Rolex, and high-class electronic brands such as Apple, Sony, and Samsung. You name it, and it will be delivered to you by Lootie.

The item itself is a mystery (ie. you won’t know exactly what you’ll get), but there’s a list of items under each box. Lootie’s store lists the types of items you can possibly receive, and even though the contents of the box themselves are a mystery, you’ll still always know that there’s a really cool item inside.

After you purchase the item on the site, the item is added to your account inventory! These items are real, and you can request them to be sent to your house at any time. It will be explained at the end of this article how to do this.

Now that you know about what a Lootie mystery box is and what they deliver, you might be thinking about how you get into it. The initial step is to make a free account on This should be possible effectively with your email address or by signing in by means of your Facebook or Google account. Once you are done creating an account. At that point, you just top up your account utilizing your preferred payment strategy.

With the help of Lootie’s payment partners, you can easily deposit using any payment method virtually. Lootie uses G2A Pay to process debit & credit card transactions like Visa or Mastercard. Also, they accept most major cryptocurrencies, for example,  Bitcoin and Litecoin. If you have items on Steam, such as CS: GO skins, you can deposit those too. Or on the other hand, you can purchase a gift voucher through PayPal. Kindly know that here their charges may be higher than paying with a Visa.

Time for shopping!

That is it, you are good to go and prepared for some energizing shopping experience. Please select your favorite box and open it. Lootie products are trusted by consumers worldwide, since all of the products come from verified authentic manufacturers. Also, please know that the user interface you see on the site is more sort of some beautiful sight movement to engage you and improve the user experience: it adds more fun and glory to the entire experience, rather than the normal bland, drab eCommerce purchase method. Furthermore, in the coming moment, you will see which thing you won. All this is to make the user experience more interactive and let the buyers enjoy the process of buying and purchasing the mystery box.

As mentioned earlier, you can withdraw your items, and Lootie will send them to your home address. To do so, you simply need to tap on your profile picture and click the withdraw option. The withdrawal page permits you to enter the address where you can get all of the purchases that are stored in your stock. Once this is done, Lootie will start the delivery cycle, and your items will be at your house within no time.

There are additionally a large number of clients who shared their unboxings with us via the unboxing page or social media. Not every person likes to share photos of their things or personal data on the web, and we regard that totally, so what you can notice is, in reality, a little part of clients who received their things.

The main idea of is to provide you a different experience, a new way of shopping fun, and the chance to get original premium items for a fraction of its usual price. The products available at Lootie are sourced from the original manufacturer. The most straightforward approach to check whether that is something for you is merely testing it out. We are sure you will have the experience of a lifetime and won’t regret choosing Lootie for your next online shopping experience.

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