Louisville’s Malik Cunningham defends Duke on incredible 72-yard TD run

Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham put on an act during the Cardinals’ 62-22 pummeling of Duke on Thursday night.

Perhaps the best play from Cunningham came in the second quarter with around 7:47 excess in the main half. Cunningham got the snap and faked the handoff to his running back and rushed on his left side and slice back up the field on his right side.

It seemed as though Cunningham would have been halted by a future Blue Devils tackler however he figured out how to break out of the tackle and run toward the sideline. He would then turn on the planes and hurry for the 72-yard score.

The amazing run was only one feature of the fantastic night Cunningham had.

The lesser was 18-for-25 with 303 passing yards and he tossed five score passes. On the ground, he ran the ball multiple times for 224 yards and two scores. Every one of his five score passes went to an alternate recipient. Marshon Ford, Trevion Cooley, Ahmari Huggins-Bruce, Tyler Harrell and Jordan Watkins each had the score.

Cunningham wasn’t the one in particular who had surging scores all things considered. Aidan Robbins and Jalen Mitchell got across the objective line as well.

Duke had two turnovers in the game and their 29 minutes of ownership just yielded 22 focuses.

Gunnar Holmberg was 19-for-34 with 176 passing yards. Riley Leonard and Jalon Calhoun each had a surging score. Leonard’s score came on a 35-yard run in the final quarter. He got done with 70 yards on seven conveys.

Louisville improved to 5-5 in general with the success and 3-4 in the ACC. Duke dropped to 3-7 by and large and 0-6 in ACC play. The Cardinals secured a bowl compartment with the success.

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