Mat Moxness Reveals Why the Future of the Canadian Real Estate Industry Lies in Adaptive Reuse of Old Assets

Mat Moxness is a well-established businessman, a successful real estate investor, and the founder and CEO of Crescendo Equity. Crescendo Equity is a real estate investment company that focuses on old and underperforming assets across Ontario’s real estate market and transforms them into multi-family housing.

Mat Mox has been involved with real estate for a decade now, and ever since he began, his choice was always multi-family assets, as that is a highly desired asset class among investors because of their resilience and tendency to perform well financially.

“When I was first starting, multi-family assets were an obvious choice. Even when the supply and demand are balanced, they tend to perform well financially. If you have a market where demand is on the constant rise and supply is barely catching up, like the Ontario market, the investment is guaranteed to pay off,” says Mat.

Crescendo Equity utilizes this tried-and-true investment strategy and intrinsically focuses on identifying inefficiencies and repositioning assets to maximize the cash flow. One of the inefficiencies that Mat Mox found was that the market was focusing too much on building and selling new assets, and he found a better way.

The main problems are the cost and scarcity of land because there is a very limited supply of undeveloped land in the cities, and this problem is only increased by the rise of materials’ prices and scarcity of construction labor.

“I discovered that adaptive reuse of old assets instead of building brand new ones was a better way to go. It is a lot easier and cheaper than building from scratch,” Mat says. “Plus, it’s an investment that everyone can benefit from—the investors, the buyers, the community. Best of all, the local community openly welcomes these kinds of projects.”

Recently, Crescendo Equity acquired a shuttered retirement home in Niagara Falls. After the project finishes, it will stop being an old, purposeless building and become a high-end apartment complex. This project will not only bring investors huge returns, but it will inject new life into the community and revitalize the local market.

Revitalized buildings create a more communal urban space within the surrounding area, and they significantly contribute to a neighborhood’s sense of place and character. In return, the area’s increased appeal attracts more people to move there, which stimulates the local economy and market.

Mat adds that the best is yet to come. Crescendo Equity will continue filling the highly-demanding real estate market with the help of adaptive reuse of old assets. The company’s plans to venture into northern parts of Ontario are already in motion.

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