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Meet Charles “Frisco Chuck” Kelley, making his unique mark in the vast music industry of the US.

Frisco Chuck’s determination, combined with his unaverred passion has brought him to the forefront of the American music scene.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we understand how things have been changing for the better across industries and how different individuals and professionals have risen to the top, showcasing their innate skills and passion for their chosen industries. All these individuals have shown what it really takes to become the best in their respective niches and how people can go about achieving excellence on whatever they lay their hands on. The music industry is one, which has so far welcomed innumerable talented artists, singers, rappers, musicians, songwriters, managers, and so many other professionals, but only a few rare gems have gone ahead in attaining their desired success by making a special place for themselves in the ever-evolving and competitive industry of the US. We came across one such tremendously talented professional called Charles “Frisco Chuck” Kelley.

Frisco Chuck is gradually earning a unique name for himself in the American music scene, which is already rocked by many other talented beings. To make a unique standing for oneself in such an industry is no walk in the park, but Frisco Chuck has totally astounded the world with his innate skills, talents and passion for music. He hails from Fillmore District, San Francisco, CA. The music industry was a place he always wanted to be a part of from the beginning and hence, entered the same as a teenager. The talented man says that he had his own label named “Street Cred Music Group”, which went ahead in creating great milestones in the industry, all thanks to his relentless drive and consistent efforts in making it a hit music label.

Getting deeper into the music world, Frisco Chuck kept pushing the envelope and challenged himself, to further hone his skills and become the best in what he does. This has now led him to head Nick Cannon label ‘Ncredible Ent’, for which he takes care of the marketing for the whole brand. He is also the A&R for the superhot group FO15 and also wears the hat of a manager for the musical artist ‘Los Angeles Naija Boy’ (@traetwothree).

Right from the age of 18, he confesses he has been working in the music industry, where everyday has been a learning experience for him, which has allowed him to reach the influential position he enjoys today with a massive net worth of 2 million.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @streetcredceo.

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