Meet Jamal Taleb, a multi-talented entrepreneur, taking over the business world as a true blue professional

His new ideas, visions and business-approaches have allowed him to come at the forefront of various industries.

Today, when people talk about getting into the vast entrepreneurial world, they are aware of the fact that the path would be tough. The business world doesn’t offer individuals with days full of happiness and sunshine, in fact, it may just be the reverse and they might face many challenges and struggles in their ways. However, through true passion and persistence, one can create a fruitful career believes a young and dynamic entrepreneur himself named Jamal Taleb from Boston, the US. He is a man of multiple talents and is involved in multiple industries.

Jamal Taleb says that his base background has been engineering and showed a great inclination towards the field of technology from a very early age. His advanced knowledge in the engineering industry allowed the youngster to excel in the same with his problem-solving skills and deep understanding of issues for solving them successfully. Jamal Taleb’s passion took him towards becoming an ace engineering consultant. Not just that, his quest to create a career of his own and do something much better and bigger led him towards other markets like real estate, and app development.

Apart from being at the helm of his companies, Jamal Taleb also holds executive and managerial positions for several companies and finds joy in the challenges by finding the right solutions to them. This has further propelled the youngster forward in the vast entrepreneurial world, gaining him great momentum and recognition across industries. Jamal Taleb has completed his Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Engineering from Northeastern University.

To his credit, he has a unique social application named BondApp, which is known for breaking the ice on the spot and helping people socialize with each other physically with the help of the app. With his unique app, Jamal Taleb has helped people take social interactions offline, which in itself is a one of a kind concept. Talking proudly about the BondApp, Jamal Taleb, as the founder and CEO says, “It is a social platform that connects people using a reversed engineering technique.”

He is also the owner of his real estate firm called ‘Taleb Realty’, which is growing each passing year as a real estate development and investment firm. He is an active investor and inventor both, and the proof is the success of his realty firm and his mobile app.

Jamal Taleb has always worked with the aim to bring the best solutions to people through his firms and ventures, which has brought him at the forefront of the business world. To know more about him and his app, visit the websites, and

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