Mental Illness Was a Long Dark Lonely Road that was Brighten by the Power of Thoughts and Words. Meet Podcast Host, The Depressed Poet, Doc Dalton.

Doc Dalton has always said, Kryptonite is to superman as depression is to the average person who suffers from it. It removes your energy, thoughts, and any type of power you might have, and does so quickly and at times, without warning.

Living in darkness for many is a way of life. Living in darkness for many is the only way they can survive. Living in darkness for many is downright scary with bits of hell thrown in for a daily reminder of where they are at, in that unsettling moment.

For the depressed poet things changed while being hospitalized for his depression when a doctor pulled him aside and said to him, stop writing a journal and start writing poetry. The doctor had his reasons says Dalton, and I thought he and his reasons were crazier than I was. But I am an open-minded person and being locked in seemed to help my open mindedness move into an agreeable way of thinking and so I tried. He brought me to a room, handed me a pad and pencil and said, start writing.

Amazing is the only way I can describe it. It was as if an entirely new world had opened for me for several reasons. To start off with, I wrote about things I never even thought about before. The stars, trees, butterflies, birds, the ocean, kindness, caring, friendship, love and so much more. What shocked me the most was, everything I wrote about had, God, Jesus, Angels, and Heaven was in some way incorporated within my poems. States Doc, I do not in anyway consider myself a great writer or even a good writer, WHY? Because the truth is, I am not, and it is just that simple. What I do consider myself is a man, who stumbles through his words so he can make it through his days.

The other surprising thing that took place was, it gave my mind a break as if I were on some type of mental vacation. It left the craziness behind and let the calmness come in. It gave me hope as far as having some brighter moments in my life. But make no mistake there were and are other things I need to do, “even now” when the words are not flowing easily, but the madness is, states Dalton.

I have walked what I call the floors of hell so many nights looking for help and found that help with three different people. The first two are Americana recording artists, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Darrel Scott. They been around for a long time and are tops in their field and both write some of the greatest far out stuff that kept my mind at ease countless times. The other person is Irish poet, Pat Ingoldsby. His words made me think and trust me, thinking in a relaxing way is something that someone who is screaming loudly within their own head really needs at 3 in the morning. The three of them helped me and they do not even know It, yet I say thank you to them all, says Doc.

Now as years have flown by and well over 200 poems later, Doc is now the host of the podcast, The Coffee and Prayer Series where he says, it is a place where a good cup of coffee and some quiet prayers, can change the world.

Some of the topics discussed are friendship, appreciation, prayer, wisdom, mental health, angels, choices, and more states Doc. People write in and send positive messages and folks have contacted us to be a part of the show in some way and have done so as far away as Essex, UK. We close each show with a prayer and for me this brings value and balance into my life and I hope others as well.

One important thing I do every show is promote mental illness and where folks can go to get help. The two places I mention are the Passaic County Mental Health Association and that is where I am from in New Jersey and I also mention The National Association on Mental illness. Two wonderful organizations with highly train individuals just waiting to help you.

I was recently asked what type of audience is it that I am trying to reach, and my answer was, an audience of one. If I can help or motivate just one person, I feel this entire project and journey was worth it. Claims the Depressed Poet, you get older and go through a few of life’s curve balls that it throws your way and you quickly realize that life is not all about you and how much you want or think you might need to make yourself feel better or how many material things you think you should have so you can impress others, so you can feel more important. The truth is, we are all in this together and sometimes just helping one person take that first step is the greatest gift you can give to someone along with some good old fashion prayer. Trust me, you will feel better, they will feel better and God will be looking down smiling on you.

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