Miami Dolphins Return to rehearse with marginally managed list

The Miami Dolphins were back on the training field with a somewhat managed program.

Lead trainer Brian Flores was all business Tuesday as the group slice down to 85 players.

This is the primary flood of slices as the group takes standard season shape.

“A tough day, but, you know, at the end of the day just gotta be honest and transparent with guys and telling the truth,” said Flores. “I understand there’s gonna be some disappointment, you know.”

The cuts are additionally hard on the players who framed bonds and get what’s in question for those let go.

“I hate to see guys go in and out of the locker room. And just knowing that, you know, his family back home and they’re just trying to provide for their family,” said Fins wide collector Jakeem Grant.

Miami hostile lineman Robert Hunt added, “It sucks because, you know. We built camaraderie and we like a team, you know. We get to hang out with guys, get to get close with guys, and then the business part hit and we all know what we’re in for.”

Regardless of Tuesday’s attention being on cuts, the group made another expansion. Miami got hostile lineman in previous second-round pick Greg Little in an exchange with Carolina.

The group likewise positioned wide beneficiary Allen Hurns on harmed save.

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