Microsoft concedes Samsung phones under Intune mobile device the management are exiting compliance

Some Samsung telephones oversaw by Microsoft Intune are exiting consistence after a programmed restart or update, the Windows monster has conceded.

Samsung Galaxy pack running Android 9 (or later) with Android Device Administrator the executives or an Android Enterprise by and by possessed work profile are impacted just as Samsung Android 11 equipment provisioned as Android Enterprise completely oversaw gadgets.

The previous can exit consistence after an auto-restart while an oversaw update can accomplish for the last option.

Intune is Microsoft’s interpretation of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). The hypothesis goes above and beyond utilize the cloud-based support of control how an association’s gadgets are utilized, including cell phones.

The organization faces firm contest in the MDM field, not least from Apple and Jamf, making the issue even more off-kilter. Especially since the workaround requires some manual mediation for the client, fairly nullifying the purpose of a gadget the executives stage.

Beset Samsung gadgets show as resistant, which might actually hinder admittance to corporate assets. Getting round the issue requires a client to physically open the telephone and trigger a sync to recapture compliancy.

Microsoft’s affirmation comes in the midst of developing thunders of discontent from clients observing gadgets in their armadas exiting consistence surprisingly. One reacted to Microsoft’s post: “I had a bunch of Samsung devices go non-compliant with a password remediation failed error for no reason.”

Lately, Intune clients have observed gadgets exiting because of secret word strategy authorization changes. Android 11 work profile gadgets or gadget chairman selected gadgets were impacted.

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