Microsoft focuses on an Android 11 update for the first Surface Duo this year

The Surface Duo is an argumentative little device, with a ton of cool equipment and a great deal of glaring issues. One of them is slow programming refreshes. Regardless of it being Microsoft’s just versatile item, and a costly one at that, it’s actually running the year-old Android 10. A day subsequent to declaring the continuation gadget, Microsoft says it’ll have the first Duo moved up to Android 11 preceding the finish of this current year.

That is the thing that the organization disclosed to The Verge, at any rate. I don’t know whether you’ve taken a gander at a schedule recently, maybe on one side of your two-screened cell phone while you watch recordings on the other, yet there’s simply a hair more than 90 days left in 2021. What’s more, if Microsoft actually needs a very long time of support time to prepare an update, even with Android 11 previously running on the Duo 2, that doesn’t by and large motivate trust in the organization’s Android programming group.

Microsoft has effectively dedicated to three years of programming and security refreshes for the Surface Duo. In any case, as anybody with a LG telephone (or truly, most Android gadgets not from Google, Samsung, or OnePlus) can advise you, that doesn’t imply that the updates will be convenient. I can’t envision Microsoft’s absence of hustle to refresh the first gadget is a consoling idea to individuals thinking about an acquisition of the much more-costly Duo 2.

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