Microsoft produces the next-gen Surface Laptop Go 2 official, beginning at $600

Microsoft has officially declared the Surface Laptop Go 2, which replaces the first model that was released in October 2020. The new model is presently accessible for preorder. It begins at $600 and comes in four different colors, including a new green-ish Sage option. As of this writing, preordered laptops will show up when June 7.

Microsoft reported the Surface Laptop Go 2 on Wednesday, an updated model that goes to 11 by trading in an all the more powerful 11th-gen Intel Core processor and a full-fledged Windows 11 install, in exchange at a somewhat higher beginning cost of $599. It’s more repairable, as well.

The Surface Laptop Go 2 first broke cover in a retail listing yesterday, and that posting had the realities right: The Go 2’s greatest update is a Core i5-1135G7 processor. The chip is a generation out of date at this point, yet it’s as yet a capable performer and a huge update over the old model’s Core i5-1035G1. The 12.4-inch, 1536×1024 touchscreen continues as before, as does the laptop’s size, weight, and port selection.

Microsoft likewise says the Laptop Go 2 is a bit simpler to repair than the past model. Notwithstanding the SSD, the keyboard and trackpad, the display, and the battery are all invented to be replaceable (however in fact simply by Microsoft-certified personnel and not necessarily end clients).

The $600 base cost is $50 higher than the past model, however that additional cash basically gets you a proper 128GB NVMe SSD as opposed to 64GB of slow eMMC storage; this drive can likewise be upgraded with something bigger later on, which is an effective method for getting a good deal on storage assuming you’re happy with doing the update yourself. Tragically, that base model actually incorporates only 4GB of RAM, a limitation you’ll feel any time you attempt to play a game or open in excess of a handful of apps or browser tabs at once.

Moving forward to a still-modest however more-usable 8GB of RAM adds an additional a $100 to the laptop’s cost, while upgrading to a 256GB SSD costs another $100 on top of that. When you’re spending $800 for a laptop, potential options incorporate a repaired Dell XPS 13 or any of a few midrange Asus ZenBooks. These laptops incorporate marginally bigger, higher-resolution screens, backlit keyboards, and different features that Microsoft doesn’t propose with the Laptop Go 2.

Microsoft appeared the Surface Laptop Go in 2020, and the basic premise hasn’t changed that much; the lineup is Microsoft’s attempt to carry its Surface brand to a budget audience. The Surface Laptop Go found that it generally succeeded, however we encouraged spending somewhat more to update from the rock-bottom model. On paper, the Surface Laptop Go 2 seems to be business as usual.

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