Model Jeimmy Garzon sets sights on new adventures

Following a photo shoot in London, model Jeimmy Garzon made the last flight back to her home in Colombia before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world in March of 2020.

Although she was lucky to be able return home, her travels had made her susceptible to the virus, and she spent months recuperating and isolating with much of the world after she received a positive test.

While the uncertainty of the situation put a temporary hold on her modeling career, Jeimmy stayed focused on building her future. While she waited on the outcome of the pandemic, she decided to turn a serious focus to social media. Quarantine didn’t leave Jeimmy without options. She took the opportunity to build her social media profiles, especially on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

The break from travel was a blessing in a way for Jeimmy, who already knew that developing a social media following was becoming essential for many industries, especially the fashion and modeling space.

“Social media has become an indispensable virtual environment at all levels. If there’s one thing to be said about social media, it is its ability to create greater reach,” she said. “As a model and influencer, this has allowed me to connect with audiences all across the globe. Most social networks are global in reach and can promote content instantly.” 

Today, as a resident of Spain, she has developed a strong following on each of the platforms and her brand is growing by the day.

“This year is bringing with it many changes that I’ve been eagerly awaiting, changes that will take my modeling career in a new direction,” she said. “Professionally, I’ll also be devoting more time to creating content as an influencer. I’ve got many dreams to pursue.”

She said in addition to furthering her own career through social media and the possibility of doing more television presenting work, she has a passion to help others. She intends to develop a training academy for other aspiring models in Spain, to share her expertise and help them learn and grow as they begin and continue their journey in the industry.

Jeimmy said it is important to her to give back to the industry that has already given her so much for which to be grateful.

“I want to show them how to follow their dreams, believe in themselves and be strong when making decisions,” she said. “I can show them how to be disciplined in their preparations, develop their talent, persevere, and most importantly, enjoy each process.”

To learn more about Jeimmy, visit her on Instagram, Facebook and @jeimmygarzon on TikTok.

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