Mr. Mahdi Keimanesh, a successful and experienced young trainer, gives some explanations for those who are interested in coaching dogs and animals

The tendency to keep pets has grown today in comparison with the past, so the training of these animals must be performed properly so as not to cause any small and serious problems. Next, Mehdi Keimanesh, one of the greatest trainers in the field of animal and especially dog, has given explanations to those who are interested in taking steps towards training and coaching.

Spend time with dogs

One of the best ways to learn about dog behavior is to spend time with it. Some ways that you can be with dogs and gain experience are:

Voluntary presence in animal shelters

My personal experience was working in animal shelters and I strongly support this approach.

attending and working out in dog care clubs

Take your dogs to obedience classes and / or clubs

Participate in coaching classes (by Mr. Keimanesh’s team)

Obtaininga degree: After passing the private coaching courses inKi Manesh Dogs School, the coaching degree of the relevant course will be obtained.

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