Mr. Saeed Rahmany, our popular and famous singer, explained about classical music

Are works that were created in the classical period. The period that began with Hayden after the Baroque and ended with Beethoven reached the Romantic period and lasted from about 1750 to 1810.

The second category: works that were not created in that particular period, but evoke the same music. When one listens to Bach, one does not say that one listens to Baroque music, or one who listens to Schoenberg does not say that one listens to modern expressionist music.

Some define classical music as serious music. But is rock band music like Pink Floyd a joke ?! Aren’t the war music of the primitive tribes much more serious during the battle or before the battle than Mozart’s symphonies ?!

Some believe that classical music is a type of high-level music that only educated and knowledgeable people understand. This is also a false claim. In Tchaikovsky’s symphonies, for example, more than 100 instruments are played, but how can a person who has no musical education and no trained ear hear all the hundred instruments that play at least 5 melodic and rhythmic lines simultaneously, and realize that the harmonic process What is in this music is much more complex than other music!

Others call classical music art music. But what is the meaning of artistic music? If you mean superior music, read the previous paragraph again to answer it, and if you mean creative music, well, isn’t there creativity in the music of the Beatles ?!

Another group considers classical music to be orchestral music. While Chopin nocturnes play only one piano, they are also classical; Conversely, do not Metallica or Pink Floyd play with an orchestra? Have you ever seen an Iranian pop piece performed in a completely orchestral manner?

“We call classical music classical to be precise,” said Leonard Bernstein in his definition of classical music.

When the singer sings a piece, he sings a poem in a musical step with a certain arrangement. Now, for the convenience of the singer or musicians, they may change the که step that the singer has performed in the studio music and the music will be performed in a different step, or they may perform the piece with a different arrangement. Despite all these changes, we will still hear the same piece as before.

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