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Music gives a soul to the universe,wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything – says Ibrahim Khalil Yezidi music artist

In this world of mess and distress, music comes as a healer.
Similarly are the musicians, who write, create and composes the music.
With the onset of new generation new music artists are coming into recognition.
One such artist is Ibrahim Khalil of Syria.

Ibrahim was born on May 5, 2000. He is a true music lover, cause he developed his passion for singing during his childhood or we can say he heired it from his family.
Only when he was 8, Ibrahim started singing. Therefore, when he grew to 11 joined a music school in Al-Hasaka, Syria.

Ibrahim composed his first song “Beje-Beje”, which was released in 2012 by “M Music Production”. Ibrahim is a Yezidi boy of Syria. Yezidis are a group of minority people in Kurdish regions like Iron, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.
Ibrahim is quite popular in Yezidis people, they love and admires his music alot.
Next Ibrahim launched his very first album “Lalisha Naurani” on his social media handle when he was in germany.
In 2018, Ibrahim shot video of his first album “Lalisha Naurani”. Then next was of his favourite song “De u Bave te”. And most recently uploaded song of Ibrahim is “Were dilo” which is going viral on his youtube channel.

Ibrahim gained his higher education from Germany. He did his graduation from “Clemens-Brentano-European-School”. Also got his diploma from Mala Ezdiya as a sought-after artist.

Ibrahim is growing day by day by his passion for music. He is even capable of speaking 4 languages German, English, Yezidis and Kurdish.

To know more about Ibrahim Khalil and to enjoy his music do check out his youtube channel.

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