Nintendo Releases Two Day-One Updates For Miitopia On Switch

This week sees the arrival of the 3DS discharge Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch. On the off chance that you’ve effectively evaluated the demo, you ought to likely have a very smart thought of what’s in store from the excursion ahead.

For those that don’t, there are updates, for example, “extended customization” and a pony partner that will loan you a foot in fight. Close by the game’s appearance on the Switch this week, Nintendo has carried out not one but rather two updates for Miitopia – knocking it up to Version 1.0.2. Across the two patches, there are various fixes.

Here are the full fix notes, politeness of Nintendo’s true help page:

Ver. 1.0.2 (Released May 20, 2021)


Fixed an issue while choosing a Mii character for your gathering in which Mii characters from saving information would vanish under specific conditions.

Fixed an issue in which Mii characters shared online would every so often not be available to different players.

Ver. 1.0.1 (Released May 20, 2021)


Fixed an issue in which the game would hard bolt if Parental Controls were briefly taken out at specific planning.

Fixed an issue in which the player would lose their game advancement in the event that they opened the HOME Menu and shut the game under particular conditions.

On the off chance that this issue as of now has effectively happened for you, this update will permit you to continue your advancement.

Fixed a few different issues to improve the ongoing interaction experience.

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