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I have had many of the most pleasant experiences of my life in northern Europe. Scandinavia is perhaps one of the least mentioned regions when talking about fun and good times, probably due to the prejudices —often baseless— that categorize Scandinavians as ultra-pragmatic and unemotional people, who work all day long and then return home at night to shelter from the almost-polar cold weather.

Big mistake.


I started developing my profile when Facebook came out. Facebook changed the way people networked and it changed the way nightlife worked, most importantly. Nightlife used to be about already being on the inside of social circles to be able to bring the crowds the venues wanted; but again: with Facebook, the game changed.

You could target the crowds you wanted and I decided to target beautiful people from Scandinavia. I was fascinated on how easily it worked —they would entrust in me just by knowing one of their friends—. Once you have the trust of one you have the trust of all. Facebook was better for marketing than anything else, and when you show up with a great crowd, if the venue denies you from working there, you have options to work elsewhere. That never happened: the venues never turned down a beautiful fun crowd, and those Scandinavians are the most fun in the world.

I do not travel to many countries, in fact. I tend to travel to the same countries and get to know more of the country and the people within it. Every year I go to Norway and Sweden and visit the people that I tend to take out, and I love it there. I have gone all over the country and have made some really good friends. When I go there everyone is looking for me to come out and have fun.

Something that I really like about them is the down-to-earth approach they take in life. It might seem that this would make Scandinavians scheming and distant people, but reality is different: they understand that fun is a binary option —take it or leave it— and that once you leave it, you cannot go back to try to take it again. Life is only one, and once it is over, there is nothing more, so the time to have fun is now. It is an excellent perspective on life.

I have been to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, and I don’t plan to stop going there anytime soon.

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