Nvidia again restricting crypto mining on its RTX-3060 gaming graphics card

After coincidentally opening its own hash rate limiter in a driver update, Nvidia has declared it will bolt new cards again by reducing the mining limit by 50%.

Graphics card giant Nvidia is discreetly once again introducing a hash rate limiter on its RTX 3060 series graphics cards with an end goal to disincentivize cryptocurrency miners.

On April 29 the organization gave the GeForce 466.27 driver that once again introduces RTX 3060 cryptomining limiter.

As indicated by sources announced by PC news site Videocardz, Nvidia will deliver the new ‘Lite Hash Rate’ models in mid-May which will be practically indistinguishable from past renditions of similar cards.

The gaming goliath had initially restricted the hash on the past models, decreasing mining execution by half. Matt Wuebbling, head of worldwide GeForce promoting at Nvidia, said in a blog entry in February:

Programmers initially concocted a workaround, and afterward in March, a driver update coincidentally opened this ‘limiter’ releasing the card’s actual capability of 118 Mh/s, empowering the mining of Ethereum and other cryptographic forms of money.

The new cards are supposed to be indistinguishable inside and out with the exception of that they will have another PCI Device ID of 2504. Albeit the opened driver is presently in the public’s hands, the new ID is intended to deliver them futile whenever utilized with the 470.05 driver update. It is anyway practically certain a few diggers will endeavor to evade this, and the past models were evidently hard-bolted by means of the BIOS.

The news has gotten a blended reaction among the gaming local area. Videocardz discussion client “Eric W,” expressed that the move just appears to sideline little home diggers, who are regularly gamers t:

User “Mark” suggested the limiter wouldn’t put miners off anyway, adding that “it needs to be 90%+” to “be a real deterrent to miners” while “Mashed Potato” believes it’s just a money grab:

As per VideoCardz, limits are required to be set on most RTX 30 arrangement cards, albeit certain models, similar to the RTX 3090, may not wind up with a limiter because of its exorbitant cost tag of $1,500.

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