Offering you the finest clothing line is the new entrant in the fashion world WeIN, a direct and the best alternative to Shein

Entering the market to provide the most elegant looking and comfortable apparel, WeIN will offer the collection to both men and women.

When it comes to the fashion industry of India and the fashion world, the list never ends of companies that have already been giants in the industry and the international brands and companies that keep entering the Indian markets. This has had disadvantageous impacts on Indian firms and brands, if not entirely then in major parts as it has led to the decline of their many opportunities which could have helped them gain a name in the industry. But, not anymore; this trend is slowly seeing a change and will soon have the dominance of many Indian firms. Soon to get launched with this aim is WeIn, which is all set and ready to enter the fashion clothing, and apparel industry that talks volumes about the amazing campaigns like Vocal for Local and Make in India.

This is the made in India version of Shein which has been named as WeIN. We – stands for all of us; that means they will cater to both men and women for all their fashion needs and IN – stands for made in India; which means this brand has been made and created 100% in India. To create a rage in the online shopping world just like Shein did, WeIN is also determined to prove as the best Shein alternative and come up with WeIN Fashion ready to redefine the fashion madness in the country, so much that customers have only one option when it comes to fashion and that is WeIN.

WeIN through its name itself wants to ensure people that ‘We are IN this together’, as in the current times of COVID-19 where more opportunities have been given to Indian firms to make, create, develop and sustain their brands and businesses in various industries. The way this brand is trying get momentum before its launch, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has the potential to be the face of Indian Fashion where people even internationally would know about it in a short period.

To match up the needs of people of all sizes, they would also be offering a plus-size section called “PLUS FOR US, Embrace your curves“ which will have a clothing collection ranging till the size XXL and it will also reward their loyal customers through loyalty points. They are presently focusing more on targeting women from 16 years to 24 years. However, they will offer an economically priced clothing line collection for women and men both.

They are getting launched in the mid of August as a made in India online apparel company making India independent on affordable fashion.

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