Ohdes will be starting with vlogs video’s?

18 year old upcoming producer Ohdes from the Netherlands already has made a few songs that had a little succes. But we have talked to hi mand he tol dus in a private DM conversation on his instagram (@ohdesmusic) that he wants to do more then just making music. He loves making music and it is definitely something that he wants to continue doing but he can’t only just make music every single day and do nothing else he told us.

He told us that he wants to explore the world and also wants to show this to his fans by vlogging his whole experience. He told us that in the 18 years that he lived he never really went on vacation only to his mother’s country of origin; Montenegro. He also went to country’s close by The Netherlands (Where Ohdes currently lives and was born and raised) such as Belgium once and Germany a few times. But When He visited tho’s country’s he was very young and he doesn’t really remember anything from it. That is why he wants to explore the world and all its country’s..

But don’t get exited just yet, because he told us that he first wants to finish his college in the Netherlands. This will take a minimum of one and a half year from now.

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