On the radar meet the rising artist, Kane Bailey

Many kids freestyle dream of the day they’ll make it in the music business; however, very few get to see that dream become a reality. For Kane, this is not the case. A young talent out of Canada, Kane goes by his better-known stage name Kane Bailey. The rapper, singer and songwriter grew up in Toronto, Ontario, with his Jamaican native father and Canadian Mom. As many young boys do growing up, Kane found an outlet in playing hockey for the West Hill Golden Hawks. There was no doubt though that his true outlet and passion was in freestyling and music. At 13 Kane was simply freestyling with friends as a pastime, but by the age of 14 he started to take it seriously as a possible career option.

It was obvious that Kane was different from most aspiring rappers and had true talent. At the age of thirteen he released his very first single “Skrt like uber” in July of 2017. However, it wasn’t until his second song “Grind on my mind” that he started to build up a steady following on SoundCloud. The success that landed him on Apple Music and Spotify gave Kane Bailey the exposure he needed for a breakthrough single. That breakout hit came in 2019 with his track “Charlie D’amelio.” The single has nearly 11,617 streams on Spotify bringing more exposure and streaming to the rest of Kane Bailey repertoire of music.


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