Overwatch’s next legend is Sigma, a researcher who controls gravity

Blizzard has uncovered the 31st legend to join the ranks of Overwatch. Today, the organization released a short animated trailer that showcases Sigma, a researcher who seems to have endure a type of dramatic occasion that left him with the capacity to control gravity in some fashion. “Gravity is a harness,” Sigma says in the trailer. “I have harnessed the harness.” Blizzard additionally depicts him as “an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware that he is being used as a living weapon.”

Lamentably, the animated clip is for the most part a mystery that doesn’t really indicate Sigma in the game, so everyone know nothing about his special abilities or even what class of saint he is.

Sigma follows the release of the battle medic Baptiste in February, and his approaching presentation comes at a busy time for Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter. A week ago, the developer recently a new “role queue” feature that enables players to more readily concentrate on explicit characters and roles, and prior this year, the creative Overwatch Workshop appeared to early achievement. In the interim, in the world of e-sports, a week ago, Blizzard additionally detailed how home-and-away matches will function in the Overwatch League one year from now.

With respect to Sigma, given the cadence of Blizzard’s teases and uncovers, it’s possible everyone will become familiar with the character — and how he plays — in the not so distant future.

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