Parallels Drawn between Benjamin Kickz of the US and Canada’s Very Own Idrees Kickz

The world of sneakers and shoes is a world of its own. Only passionate souls and minds have been known to survive in the vast and competitive industry. However, people have also noticed the emergence of many teenage entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space, specializing in the sneaker niche. Youngsters easily get influenced by their favorite artists and rappers, etc. who flaunt their favorite shoes or sneaker editions of well-known brands in the world and this somewhere motivates these youngsters to get their foot into the same as entrepreneurs. This is the story of two passionate and high-spirited e-commerce sneaker entrepreneurs. One is a well-known name in the US, Benjamin Kickz and the other is the youngest Canadian millionaire Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees kickz.

Just like Benjamin, who got into the world of sneakers at the age of 13, Idrees kickz too entered the sneakers world at the same age. Benjamin, who today is a 21-year-old entrepreneur of the US, known for his passion for sneakers, Idrees kickz, on the other hand in Canada, is already a millionaire at 19 years of age.

Both of these zealous and optimistic young entrepreneurs show similar signs of being a leader. With this, Idrees kickz has become an even more sought-after sneaker entrepreneur in Canada.

• Reaching beyond passion: Benjamin has been known for his innate skills and hunger to make all his dreams a reality and Idrees kickz proves the same through his relentless hard work each day, which has multiplied his confidence to reach beyond passion and serve all his customers much better.
• Choosing perfection always: Benjamin has been that young entrepreneur whose success today also comes from his skills to be perfect in what he does in business. Idrees kickz has been working with the same aim to take care of all the aspects of his brand ‘Woiair’ and his e-commerce sneaker business to make customer’s experience more satisfying by choosing perfection always.
• Being a risk-taker: For both the youngsters and successful names in the e-commerce world, nothing could have been possible without their courageous and risk-taking attitude. Benjamin took the risk as a teenager to dive deep into the sneakers world and so did Idrees kickz who only understood his love for sneakers and became a leader as a sneaker reseller and entrepreneur.

Idrees kickz, a short while ago graduated from high school and is now planning to expand his knowledge in the business world by studying business programs from the university. The hunger this youngster has shown to grow as an entrepreneur and taste success like a millionaire is commendable and something which is inspiring the world.

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