Peabo J, a young Pop Artist narrates his tales of success in the Music industry

With his perfect baritone, thirst to prove himself and soul touching lyrics up his sleeve , Peabo J has really come a long way in the industry.
His massive hits and victories is an inspiration that we can all learn from.
Born and brought up in Selma, Alabama , Peabo J stated pursuing music under his father’s guidance who also happens to be a musician. his passion in music early on.

Through the years he has worked hard to perfect his vocal skills and his lyrical abilities.

Peaobo J’s music is an unique variation of styles inspired by Michael Jackson to Usher . His blend of dance pop, Blues and soulful R&b never fails to mesmerize his audience. Great reviews and appreciation for his work is a proof how much his Music connects people.

Peabo J’s life took a turn when his song “Freak 4 u ” became hugely popular on YouTube with over one million views. This was just the first step towards his many glorious years in the business. His pop dance beat and top 40 hit “Party the night away.” Took form of a part anthem.

His latest single gained over 80k views within a very small duration making him one of the most sought after Pop artist of his generation.

Peabo J’s inspiring journey displays hope for all who want to make it big. With sheer hard work and authenticity in your talent you can take on the world.
“Life of a Libra” as forseen would be one of the greatest hits of 2021making Peabo J a promising star who delivers only the best.

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