Phillip H. Perez Founder & CEO of BarterUnit LLC talks about Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Phillip H. Perez Founder & CEO of BarterUnit LLC has developed a privatized digital currency – called the Barter Unit. The Barter Unit is designed to be the closest digital equivalent to physical cash without the excessive bureaucratic constraints. The new economic experiment is expected to combat a broken and disproportionate economy and empower the economically marginalized by creating and distributing an alternative digital currency. We have managed to successfully contact Perez and ask him one very important question. Please the excerpt below.

Question: Phillip, we understand you have created a community currency independent from banks and government? Specifically, you have single-handedly created a privatized Universal Basic Income. Why independently?

Phillip: “Yes, that’s correct. I have created a privatized alternative currency system, simply because the current U.S. monetary system is flawed, ineffective and useless. It is plagued with corruption both politically and economically. The system is rotten to the core on every level. And I firmly believe, there is no Universal Basic Income (UBI) system that would work in benefit of the people if it operates within the current extractive economic system. It simply will not work in terms of – universality.

But let’s entertain the thought. Let’s say the state did decide to implement a UBI program into the existing monetary system, it by no means would be a success. It would mean the state would govern the UBI distribution income and likely treat the UBI program as a welfare benefit program, and like all existing welfare benefit programs, it would be subject to means-testing, behavioral-testing and sanction policies that are demeaning, arbitrary and unfair.

The state would with its ineffective existing bureaucracy and sub-level administrative practices would create high exclusion error margins (as there are now in the existing welfare programs), excluding, preventing and deliberately deterring those who would benefit the most from the UBI program. It would not be ‘universal’ per se, – instead it would be regarded as a state privilege dictated with bureaucratic constraints (and not to mention with no due process rights).

We cannot allow the existing Plutocracy to continue to undemocratically govern our monetary system. We need to fight back and create and assert a privatized alternative digital currency system that is democratically governed, one that works for everyone, not just the financial elites. This is a fight for the soul of our country (and all other countries that are affected by our monetary actions).

Our agenda should be to transform (not reform) the current political and economic system, by creating a new privatized income distribution system. An income distribution system free from corporate greed, Wall Street manipulation, banking oligarchies, shadow bankers, political corruption and general impossible extractive contracts that have been undemocratically imposed on us all – period!

So how do we do this? How do we create a privatized digital currency system? How do we emancipate ourselves from an ineffective, useless, exploitative and oppressive system that deliberately continues to marginalize us all?

Easy! We create our own currency system, a closed-loop worldwide economy. And the good news is that’s its already been created, it’s called the Barter Unit and its fully functional and available now on the Apple and GooglePlay store. It is an all-in-one privatized alternative currency system, marketplace and payment system with an optional Universal Basic Income program. It is specifically designed to reduce poverty and provide economic freedom and security – INDISCRIMINATELY. We at BarterUnit believe that everyone has a basic human right to share into the money supply, a basic human right to basic income – period!

You see, we have done something revolutionary and radical here. We have created our very own privatized digital currency system independent of banks and government. It is designed to eradicate the corrupted and unfair bureaucratic rules, regulations and formalities and to assert true universality. The Barter Unit is not legal tender, and therefore not subject to legal tender rules and regulations. It is PRIVATIZED money subject to an entirely different set of mandates – democratically governed mandates. It is a system that reflects the best of what our countries can be economically.”

The UBI program will launch August 01, 2020 and registration will be available via the company website at on August 01, 2020. The company is set to distribute 1,000 Barter Units, per month, for life, to every qualified human, as a basic human right. We are told that the UBI program is extended to participants in other counties worldwide as well.

The revolutionary BarterUnit app takes into account the interests of the people, specifically the interests of the poor and minorities and provides them opportunity to be socially relevant. It provides people economic security and freedom, while simultaneously providing participants the opportunity to be released from the shackles of the current disproportionate and rigged financial system. The BarterUnit mobile application is currently available on the Apple and GooglePlay Stores. Download it now and join the economic revolution.

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