Players of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom discover the unlimited double-jump bug.

The Zelda Series: Nintendo fans have loved Tears of the Kingdom a lot. The game has been widely praised by critics and players alike and has already sold millions of copies. However, as with any major release, the game has glitches and bugs.

A huge duplicate glitch that allowed players to double and triple items from their inventory was previously fixed by Nintendo. Before it was fixed, many people used this glitch to farm expensive and rare items like diamonds. Now, a player has found a new glitch that lets Link keep jumping in the air for an infinite number of times. Tears of the Kingdom’s gameplay and movement are largely vertical. It has become almost effortless for players to move up and down the map because they are given a variety of tools and abilities that allow them to fly high in the sky.

A player has now discovered a jump-based method for doing so. The glitch was discovered by SmallAnt, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. The content creator then reported his discovery to Twitter in a new post with the caption: The most recent ToTK movement glitch is so cool.

The streamer then commented that the bug “works on every version too,” implying that players who have updated the game can still access it.

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