In a year marked by uncertainty, chaos and fear, people have lost their path as a result of the economic crisis and many businesses are at the edge of bankruptcy. But in this grim situation, Simon Atri came out with his new mentoring and consulting program teaching entrepreneurs and companies his new methodology called PUM PA’ARRIBA.

With more than 25 years of experience in starting up businesses, Simon always showed his entrepreneurial mindset since he was young, at the age of 17 he began to work in his family restaurant as a dishwasher, then as a waiter and after 3 years he was the general manager of La Galviria restaurant. With him in charge, the restaurant obtained dozens of prizes like La Excelencia for 3 years in a row, and other outstanding recognitions like the TOP 20 Restaurants in America or the recognition as the restaurant of the year given by the CARNIRAC (in Spanish Cámara Nacional de la Industria Restaurantera y Alimentos Condimentados) but that wasn’t enough for Simon and following his undertaking spirit and his firmness of purpose, he started other projects, with only 22 years old, Simon opened a fancy restaurant called La Taberna de León, as well as he opened a new-concept bar called El Primer Piso, a place where you could eat and hanging out with friends. Then, the next year he was elected the president of the CARNIRAC association, being the youngest member to take office.

In 2001, Simon founded Banquetes Atri, one of the leading-companies in Mexico by exclusively franchising the food and beverages area of the Maguen David Jewish Center, one of the biggest community centers in Latin America, more than 500 events per year providing a variety of services from Coffee Breaks to big events. In 2010, Simon started up a new project called CORBEX and built up a corporate dining room in one of the most important corporations of the country, Samara to provide an added value service to the corporations that occupied the offices and it became a key part in the development of the project by achieving important contracts to offer nourishing food to the workers, 1500 meals per day and then expanding the company to 40 other multinationals with 40 corporate dining rooms and serving 25000 meals per day. In 2014 he sold the company to a multinational. Also, he was part of the Mexico City Grand Hotel project for 2 years, but he decided to abandon it owing to some differences with his partners.

Currently, Simon lives in Miami, as a result of a new project where he was hired for consulting and now, he is owner of the most important event company of Florida, One Event Place, created in 2019. The last year, Simon was hard hit by the pandemic and during that moment he was evaluating his life and his priorities, he realized that there were some habits he must change, for that reason he began to train and meditate but at the same time, he realized he could do even greater things, helping others to find out what was the reason of their lives and transforming them in high impact leaders.

With his program, Simon has helped many businesses to grow based on investigation, sharing his experience. “In my program I include other themes such as discipline, balance, time management, how to establish your goals, your mission, also motivation” stated Simon. The secret of this methodology consists in working directly with the person, that is the reason why the turnout at Simon’s conferences is increasing with many people coming to him looking for advice.

Definitely, Simon is a man that is changing not only the market, but the lives of many people. Undoubtedly he is leaving his mark in the world by helping others to reach their goals and proving that PUM PA’RRIBA methodology works.  

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