Punjab’s Budding Singer Takhar Pardip Singh shares his journey of appreciation from his audiences for his social presence and his Love for Music

We got a chance to interact with a renowned Punjabi singer Takharan da deep  who has been entertaining audiences with his music !! He has released various songs and those are available on all his social media handles including his youtube channel!! We spoke to him about his hobbies and things he likes doing in his free time!!

His hobbies are creating music as much as he can , he also loves the camera , his screen presence is amazing and that is evident throughout his social Media handles!! He also loves vlogging and would be resuming the same very soon full time!! It got delayed due to lockdown because of which he could not travel which is one of his favourite things to do too!!

Nevertheless His intent to learn and to make great compositions is going to take him to places ! He has been dropping audio clips regularly at his Instagram and snapchat handles respectively and the same has been acknowledged and loved by the audiences ! There is no looking back for Takharan as his love for music is never ending!

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