Rajat Singla on what does it take to be a Successful Social Media Influencer

We are at a stage in life & in the world where nothing, absolutely nothing is possible without the use of the virtual space. The more people are turning their heads towards the online medium, the more engrossed they get each day. And, this had to happen, looking at the advancement the world is witnessing of the digital world at a faster pace than ever before. So, when we talk about the digital world & the way it is expanding day by day, it becomes important to also talk about the forces behind it that put in rigorous working hours to make their work reach more & more people.

One such individual who is giving in all his efforts in the digital marketing space & changing the lives of many by giving them their due popularity by making them reach more to the audiences is none other than Rajat Singla, an enthusiastic young man from the land of Patiala, Punjab. Rajat is the man behind the increasing amount of name & fame that many celebrities both from Bollywood & Hollywood have garnered till now. It is his ideas & out of the box thinking that has made many celebs increase their brand awareness in the digital space & this has helped them garner more & more followers on their social media accounts. He is the mind behind celebrities social media work & makes them reach to each & every household possible.

Singla started at a very tender age when he was all of 15 years. In 2005, he started his career by working for different websites & then gradually got his hands into work related to digital social media. Since then, he has worked with many celebrities in the industry & learnt the various promotional activities that take place for them. This made Singla jump into PR work & social media marketing to gain more traction for them. What’s interesting about this young lad is that he also simultaneously works in the import-export business & imports products from China to sell it through India for wholesale.

Rajat admits that he & his company named “Shiraj Media” has helped grow Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube accounts of many big names of the industry & through their digital marketing strategies & works his company also gets them verified with a blue tick on their social media accounts. Further, Rajat helps to develop IMDB accounts of many celebs & also the Google knowledge panel.

Rajat’s continuous efforts towards his client’s social media activities, helping them with their verification process & increasing their followers across many online platforms organically has made Rajat & his company a big hit not only in the Punjab industry but also in B-town. All thanks to Rajat’s confidence & spirit that has helped him turn into a successful businessman & made him reach where he is today.

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