Rapper Shah is a burst of positivity and motivation in the music industry:

Hailing from a small district in ANTWERP, Belgium, Shah is one of the rappers who is gaining popularity in recent months. It is clearly understood that he always gives his 110% in whatever work he does. His area of interest in music is rapping and hip hop. It takes a lot of hard work to become a good musician or rapper. Shah pointed out three points that should be kept in mind if someone wants their rapping game to improve, namely:

1) Content.

2) Flow. 

3) Delivery.

Nothing is easy at the beginning, there will be a downfall and people will try to demotivate you by their words or actions but if you want to prove yourself, then just keep going until and unless you achieve your goal. Shah knows how to handle a situation without affecting his mental health. He always remains calm, relaxed and solves any situation anyhow.  

Shah doesn’t follow the rat race; he tries to choose a different path and be innovative. Being innovative is very challenging. This young man says that one should be their own mentor so that they themselves can figure out their shortcomings and push themselves to be better. Shah practices what he preaches- he doesn’t follow anyone and tries to figure out things on his own and he is his own guru. There are only a few people who have been successful on their own without any sought of guidance though Shah is very grateful for the support of his family and his friends, they encourage him to keep moving.  Like strengths, he also let us know about his weakness, he said, “I am too perfectionist, everything I do has to be perfect or it can’t go through”.

“BE YOUR OWN BOSS”, says Shah. He also talked about his top two favourite music legends, who are Tupac and Eminem. He respects the other musicians or rappers too but Tupac and Eminem’s style, vibe, and songs are the things that have always motivated him in his journey till now. He wants to achieve freedom in everything he does now as well as in the near future. 

Currently, he is busy working, learning and understanding Hip Hop music. Shah always makes working, earning and learning to go parallel. He tries to gain experience from his work and do better than yesterday. One of the biggest achievements that he recently had is that in less than 10 months, he got more than 1 million views on Dutch music platforms. There is no doubt that he will reach the top with his consistency and positive attitude towards his work.

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