Raring to reach the top with his new spinal adjustments and treatments for opiate addictions is America’s leading medical doctor Dr Russell Surasky.

Dr Russell Surasky has today become an expert on opiate addiction and through his safer treatments is bringing people back to recovery.

What we find all around us today is how people are increasingly becoming addicted to things that do no good to them in the long run. Perhaps, some of them even know about the harmful effects it can have on the brain; still, the addiction is gripping people in its hands, which is increasingly becoming a growing cause of concern for the people in the US. This meant the emergence of leading and knowledgeable medical doctors who could do the needful in helping people wean off from these addictions and give them a new life. Dr Russell Surasky serves as the best example of a medical doctor whose treatments and innovative spinal adjustment methods have turned out to be a boon for all those people heavy on opiate addictions.

Drug addiction has become an epidemic, says Dr Russell Surasky, who is an expert on opiate addiction. He is a triple board-certified in neurology, preventative medicine and addiction medicine. Dr Russell Surasky is the man behind the inception of Surasky Neurological Center for Addiction in Great Neck, NY and is the medical director of Bridge Back to Life, a multi-center outpatient addiction treatment program, which is for helping people who are addicted to harmful opiates such as fentanyl.

Dr Russell Surasky has been working relentlessly to uncover the many solutions that can help people overcome these addictions. He has been taking advantage of Vivitrol treatment and early-stage detox medications. To add to this, he has also worked upon stress-reducing spinal adjustments, lowering the stress to the upper spine and limbic system, the results of which have been astounding for treating patients of addictions. It is surprising for many people as they hardly had any idea that the spine is also connected to addictions. Dr Russell Surasky puts more light on the same by finding that the brain’s limbic system gets hijacked by opiates and alcohol as the limbic system drives human behaviours, which relates to the cravings for addictive opiates.

Talking about spinal adjustment treatments, Dr Russell Surasky points out that spinal adjustment treatments not only reduces the pain that leads to patients resorting to the opiate drugs but also speeds up the capacity of the brain for healing people from these addictions. After learning about spinal manipulation that can impact addiction treatment through a study in 2001, the ace doctor was motivated to come up with his revolutionary addiction treatment method.

His program today is helping people overcome their addictions with his innovative approaches in addiction therapy that are highly effective and safe. This has led Dr Russell Surasky at the top of the medical industry in the US.

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