R&B plus Hip-hop clashed together ? West Crav and Tendo plan to release a joint album.

With West Crav “3D Vision” set to release March 20th and Tendo’s album set for July 10th the 2 come together in the middle. Planned for a May release the untitled studio album is set to be a mix of smooth R&B tones and high impact rap lyrics. Tendo is already heard to have a voice that melts the ladies and West Crav’s lyrics have already been proven to be one of a kind.

The 2 have already released the smash single “Lockdown” which is a quarantine based song that hits right in the moment. Backed by The Block Recording Studios we are already hearing some amazing sounds being leaked on social media. Crav tells us “Tendo is a REAL singer, his vocals and how he writes really amaze me. I think he’s the best out right now im a true fan and I’ll bet my last dollar he will sang the panties off the President’s wife”.

Tendo’s song covers are catching fire on social media and his album is already has a July 10th release date. The untitled album is said to be just about completed and video dates are being set. The marriage of R&B is nothing new but I feel with these 2 they are going to put out a magical body of work.

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