Removing the Boundaries Between Work and Fun with Giuliano Gigliotti

There’s nothing more demoralizing and draining on the human spirit than getting caught in a web of dehumanizing, dispiriting, and above all, dull line of work. It’s obvious that for many people it has to be like that, at least for a while; sometimes, the circumstances in someone’s life makes anything except this kind of work improbable. There’s always the idea that some people like it like that.

Not Giuliano Gigliotti. He’s a guy who knows what he wants and who’s taken charge of his circumstances to bring himself to a place where work doesn’t feel like work. It doesn’t feel like play, either, because it’s still a serious thing. But it’s FUN, and it’s fascinating and helpful to see how Giuliano manages to stay successful by mixing work and fun.

Making Work Fun

Here’s something that not a lot of entrepreneurs are saying: “I’m having fun.” Entrepreneurship is often difficult, and even the people who run now successful startups struggle financially, to the point when the fun is something they simply can’t experience.

Giuliano would have them do it another way. In his line of work, developing a strong network is everything. That, as it turns out, is something Giuliano not only doesn’t mind doing, he actively has fun while doing it. It doesn’t hurt that his pursuits have led him from Mexico to France; what’s more fun than to travel?

Sure, it’s possible to say that not everyone can be in the position where the thing that brings food to the table is fun. However, everyone has something they have fun doing. Using that as a starting point and figuring out how to monetize it is one of the ways to make work fun, or start doing fun stuff for a living.

Positivity Helps Do the Work

One of Giuliano’s credos is that with a positive mindset, there are no limits to what one can accomplish. For the entrepreneur who is interested in lifestyle brands, whether they want to invest in them or represent and promote them, positivity is one of the key currencies that can get things done.

The harder the work, the more important it becomes to stay positive. Whether dealing with fatigue and periods of low energy or when the demand for what one brings to the table is outpacing the supply, positivity is key to keeping one’s head above the water.

Going back in the mind’s eye to all those times when one struggled is a tool best saved for the toughest moments. When they put their ongoing problems into perspective, they give themselves the positive attitude they need to get through the day, and then the week, all the way to the point when the sun starts shining again.

It’s Best if Fun Never Stopped

One final lesson from Giuliano: he never sees the party stopping. He doesn’t plan to retire, ever. In his view, the work he does is what fuels him. The moment that changes, he would have become a whole different person who used to be Giuliano.

When work is fun, it might even be best to keep it going as long as possible. Money doesn’t have to be the sole goal, either; having lots of fun later in life can be incredibly good for physical and mental well-being. At the very least, it can keep someone sharp and feeling vital for years to come.

If you want to find out more about Giuliano Gigliotti, you can follow him on Instagram at @Gilligan710.

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