Renowned Real Estate Developer Jerome Gotthier Gets Candid About The Path He Took To Achieve Success

Jerome Gotthier is a well-known investor, entrepreneur, real estate developer and crypto enthusiast. He always wanted to grow big in his career and have financial stability. However, Jerome wasn’t into the regular 9-5 job. He wanted to build something of his own. So he decided to venture into real estate development and has built a reputation in the field. He is the founder of GM Estate.

To reach this stage in his career, Jerome had to face several challenges. He didn’t directly start his venture GM Estate. The entrepreneur, who belonged to a normal middle-class family, started working at the age of 16. He had to do different kinds of jobs at that time, and not all of them paid well. But Jerome always wanted to have his own company. So quite early in his life, he started planning to make his dream come true.

When asked about what path he took to get where he is in his professional life today, Jerome Gotthier answers, “As probably most of them, I had had nothing before. I admit that I don’t come from a low-income family, but I didn’t get any gifts, and I always had to earn my own money. I left home when I was 16, and I’ve been on my own two feet ever since. I’ve had all kinds of jobs from waiter and dishwasher in my school days to the salesman.”

Jerome further adds, “But I also started working on my own projects early on, which were always lucrative, so at a young age, I usually had more money than all my friends. Nowadays, I am lucky enough only to be able to work when and where I want, which I also appreciate very much.”

The success and wealth Jerome Gotthier is living with currently became possible because of his dedication, knowledge and consistency. When asked what his working methods are, the real estate developer shared, “I am now a person who very much enjoys my work-live balance. That is, when I work, then I work properly and do not waste time. That gives me enough free time to compensate.”

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