Running Wushu Association at Farzaneh Dehghani Ministry of Science: Macau is an adequate Criteria for the Olympics

“Considering that the Beijing Olympics is going to be held in two months, the Macau Asian Games can be a good touchstone for the Olympics,” said the 52-kg national team representative. According to ISNA; about the current matter, Farzaneh Dehghani added: “Considering that the Macau Games are Asian and our biggest competitors from China, Vietnam, Macau, etc. will all participate in these competitions, so this could be a good opportunity for us to succeed in the Beijing Olympics.” Regarding the training and her preparation level, she said: “The training started in the morning and continues to the afternoon. The conditions for training in the Shiraz camp are completely set and there are ample facilities. Although I am not as ready as I was for the Chinese Olympics, I am ready enough to participate in the current competitions. She emphasized: “The presence of Ms.” Wang John Lee” at the head of the technical staff of the Sanshou women’s national team is of great importance, and she has prepared us more than before with hard and regular workouts. Dehghan added: “Nothing is predictable in Macau, but we all try and hope to be on the podium” * The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, in cooperation with the Wushu Federation, is launching the Wushu Association. According to ISNA, to promote and making the wushu known in the country, it has decided to set up a wushu association, schools, and houses in government institutions and organizations. In cooperation with the Wushu Federation, she has launched the Wushu Association. In this regard, “Mehdi Talebpour”, the director-general of physical education of this ministry, has officially given the responsibility of the Wushu Association of students, universities, and higher education institutions to Mehdi Alinejad, the president of our country’s Wushu Federation. Earlier, the Wushu Federation, with the support of the Ministry of Education, approved the plan to establish a wushu school in the ministry.

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