Samuel Guzman The Social Media Coach

Who is this social media coach popping up on Instagram? CoachSamuelG real name Samuel Guzman made notoriety back in 2018 for collaborating with public figures & musical artists, helping them connect with other managers & companies. From selling custom sweaters to building notoriety on others, Samuel has made a dedicated pulse into the social media realm. Having made social connections with Senior Vice President A&R of Warner Records, Eesean Bolden, to collaborating with other marketing companies from different parts of the countries, Samuel seems to have no bounds.

He currently own his own company named Close Connects LLC, which focuses on social media marketing. He also offers free tips, to musical artists who inquire general questions. He also does phone call social media career consultations for 30 minutes where he breaks down more of what he does and how he networks/operates. Samuel is also known for making small investments into companies/business/ like Tesla, PepsiCo, 3M, Young Money & More.

To contact Samuel you can find his website and Instagram Below!
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Eesean Boldens Instagram

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