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The Journey of an entrepreneur is never easy and never what one plans it to be. Entrepreneurship comes with countless challenges. Challenges with money, scale, customers and sometimes even partners.

Scotty Huss is a young, ambitious entrepreneur who is best known for educating people on how to be a profitable entrepreneur. He is a network marketing genius who has been in the top 1% of earners for the past few years. Scotty accredits much of his faith in god and as well as the mentors he speaks to regularly.

After completing his studies from FIU (Florida International University) and finishing as a sophomore with his associate’s degree, Scotty planned on becoming an entrepreneur. He got inspired by a few mentors that he used to talk to on phone calls and who guided him on his career plans. He saw a clear vision for himself and always maintained close relations with his mentors.

Scotty’s main focus is to help people. You can tell helping people is Scotty’s passion based off the businesses he pursues. Scotty chose to partner with his current network marketing company because he says it is the most lucrative company in the present marketplace. What he means by this is that he believes any average person can partner with himself and the company and can make an above average income. Scotty’s other businesses also consist of assisting people. He helps people start automated amazon stores and offers 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring for people who want to do what he does. Scotty’s most recent project is a social media marketing company. His plan is to help business owners create the best online presence they can and help drive them more online sales.

Scotty loves speaking in front of large crowds and helping his team earn a substantial income. Scotty has earned a 7-figure incomein his network marketing career and has also helped his circle earn a 6-figure income in return.

As a speaker and entrepreneur, Scotty truly understands the idea of giving up comfort and stability for something greater. For him, chasing and obtaining financial freedom was far more worthwhile than sitting back and contemplating why he didn’t take enough chances in life.

Four main tips Scotty would give to young entrepreneurs or people looking for success are:

  1. Always be consistent
  2. Practice discipline
  3. Study the spiritual side of success
  4. Just as fast as you grow, be sure to also grow your leaders

Scotty has a keen interest in adding value to people’s lives. He encourages others to enter the world of network marketing as it is a great and alluring entry point for many business minded individuals who are looking for personal growth, financial flexibility and a passive or residual income. 

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